Introducing ‘My Writer Challenge’

Hello. My name is Roxanna Coldiron, and I am a magazine journalist and web content writer with experience in film administration, public relations, website design and social media management.

Like many writers, I want to write books. And like many writers, I am having trouble getting started. I wrote more about my reasons and my goals here and here, and this blog is an extension of it.

My Writer Challenge will be a separate project to encourage other writers, both those still in college and those who have begun their careers, and aspiring MFA students with writing tips, advice and encouragement.

Follow My Writer Challenge on Twitter and look for subscribe to this blog for regular posts on journeying into fiction writing and getting an MFA. See you around!

Wait! But what’s the challenge?

Are you ready? Choose your best time to write, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, and just get something down.

Creative writing and journaling can help you to overcome writer’s block and provide you with source material when you’re ready to start working on actual material for publication or personal use.

updated 07/11/2020