Sunday 2/4 Writing Prompts

We hope these prompts get your creativity flowing! Write several stories or find ways to tie them into one longer story.

Story Prompts

  • Your car stops working on an abandoned road. It’s also snowing. Of course, cell phone service is down at this location. It’s the middle of the night. Now what?
  • Your character works in a hospital. The night shift sounded like a good idea, but we aren’t so sure anymore. Ghosts? Something more sinister?
  • Your character has just been in a train wreck. Other people need help. The train might explode!

Character Development

  • Write a page covering a character’s most important life-changing moments.
  • Do a quick character sketch. Now place that character in one of the story prompts above.
  • Your character must change his or her mind on a bus ride.

Happy Writing!