Rambling Thoughts on Growing as a Writer

This is going to be a short post that I’ll expound upon later, but I just wanted to get started on it while it’s still on my mind.

A few years ago, I found one of my papers from my first semester as a freshman in college. I read through it and cringed all the way to the end. There were some good ideas in it. I had tried to prove my points.

But my writing style was really, really, really bad.

I am not a literary writer. Sure, I hope to write something that matters and that resonates through time, but I’m honest enough to realize that I may never say anything that important.

Maybe I’ll write something that will matter to someone, though? I can hope for that much.

Finding your writer’s voice is not an easy journey. We will be terrible writers, even when we are “good.” Our writing gets better over time as we grow as people and as we learn more about what makes great writing great.

I work as a professional writer now. (Yes, it’s possible to make it a paying career 😁) My schedule gets so busy that I hardly have any time to write for myself. I still want to write a novel (hopefully for publication), but it just hasn’t happened yet.

That’s okay. We grow as writers. Sometimes it hurts, but the writing we create in the future will be worth it. Even if we’re the only ones who ever read it.