Thursday Writing Prompts 7/12/18

May these writing prompts inspire you today!

  • Find three unusual objects around your house. What story could they tell? How could those objects fit into a story?
  • Head to the archives at your library. Some of the best story ideas are inspired by historical events and mysteries!
  • Take a look at a crappy first draft. Mark it up. Take the good stuff out of it and let it inspire a new story.
  • Outline the plot to that book you’ve always been meaning to write. What will you need to research? What plot holes or inconsistencies need fixed?
  • Review some of the conversations you’ve had this week. Are there any story ideas in them?
  • Write down some stock characters on sheets on paper. Write down some scenes on other sheets of paper. Put the slips into jars or hats, draw from each. Make a story happen.
  • (featured photo via Unsplash/Leo Rivas)