Career Paths for Writers

What is a “writing career”? Most people think of someone who writes novels and anguishes into a bottle of scotch in a remote location.

That might be true in some cases, but writers can have a variety of different careers, all related to writing.

A sample of writing careers

As a writer, you can work as a/an:

    magazine writer/editor
    book editor
    website content writer/editor
    writing teacher
    tech writer
    book reviewer
    content marketer
    communications specialist
    public relations specialist
    advertising copywriter
    grant proposal writer

And so many more! Maybe you can think of other career paths for writers? Of course, making a career out of writing doesn’t mean that you can’t get a cabin in a remote location, drink scotch and write that literary masterpiece dying to get out. You can still do that, too!

(image via unsplash)