The Quirks of the Writerly Life

As writers, we certainly have our share of quirks. Do any of these sound familiar?

Writing is *always* on our minds

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Writers think about writing all of the time. We spend hours agonizing over our characters, the plot, the structure of our novel.

Random inspiration at unexpected places

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Inspiration happens at the most random times, including at funerals and weddings. We look for stories wherever we go, and sometimes an idea smacks us in the face.

Lack of sleep is the norm

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Because our brains are going a mile a minute, we have trouble sleeping. We might wake up in the middle of the night because an idea or a solution to our current problem came to us on our sleep. It’s a good idea to keep a notebook next to the bed.

Lots and lots of coffee

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We probably drink too much coffee. Proof? I used to drink a pot of coffee a day. And when I try to cut down on my caffeine intake, I get a major headache. Coffee is my friend.

What would you say are the quirks of your writerly life?