Writing With A Migraine

This morning, I had an intense migraine. Thinking was painful and difficult. I felt like I was not going to make it, and I wanted to cry.

I had an assignment to complete for one of my clients and a phone call with another company that I work for. Writing (and talking) with a migraine is one of the most difficult things I have ever done as a professional.

So what happened?

Oh! My head! It hurts!

Well, I finished the article and turned it in. I even got inspired during my migraine and produced something more than halfway decent. (I read it later in the day and only found two typos 😣. Typos make me cringe but that’s not bad considering my migraine.)

And I got through the phone call with enough coherency to take notes that I can review later.

Getting through it

Some days are going to be tough. We have health issues or family emergencies. Life is not a smooth ride for majority of us.

As writers, we can get through writer’s blog, migraines, stress and more because we aren’t in this alone. And we love what we do.

Have you gotten through a rough patch in your writing?

(images via Unsplash)