The Writer And Maybe It’s Time For Coffee

The writer stares at her blank computer screen. Why won’t the words come? Her deadline is arriving, and she is nowhere close to completing the assignment.

Maybe it’s time for coffee. The writer stands up and stretches. Gawd, that felt good! When was the last time she stretched? It feels like forever ago.

She looks for coffee in her home office but does not find it. Darn. That means that she has to leave the house.

The writer looks down and realizes that she must put on a pair of pants before she leaves the house. Society demands that she wear pants out in public.

She tastes her breath. Hm, maybe she needs to brush her teeth as well. One look in the mirror reminds her that she also needs to comb her hair and maybe buy some concealer to hide the dark circles.

The writer feels like she is ready to face the world. She grabs her car keys and purse, says good-bye to her cats, and leaves out the front door.

Wow! She had forgotten what the trees were like. And the sun. And the sky. Today it is a little chilly and frost covers the grass. Partially frozen leaves in every shade of orange, yellow, and brown crunch beneath her feet.

The writer drives to the closest coffee shoppe. People talk amongst themselves. She is the only one without a friend along. Eavesdropping (just a little), she overhears another customer discuss her worries about her marriage. Another talks about his demands at work and that he should be running the place, not his current boss who doesn’t know up from down.

She orders her coffee and leaves with it in hand. Stepping away from her computer had been a good decision. She now has an idea for how to start on her assignment.

Sometimes we need to step away when we get stuck. Stretch, exercise, get out into the world. It allows our brains to recharge and gives us new perspective to tackle our problems.