Why Do We Write?

By Roxanna Coldiron

The act of writing involves more than pen to paper or keyboard to screen. When we write, we pour ourselves into our words. Our stories become an extension of our dreams. We write because it’s who we are. We write because we have a story that needs to get out. We write because we want our voices to be heard. We write because, in many ways, we must write.

I write for money. The majority of the writing I do is to make enough money to live on. It’s not profound. Some of my old writing work is honestly meaningless but it paid my bills. It doesn’t make me less of a writer than the writers who write their novels late into the night from a cabin in a woods.

I write because it’s something I love to do. While I don’t get to write fiction as much I would like, I still enjoy all the types of writing that I do — writing for myself and writing for my clients.

I never say that I work as a writer: I Am A Writer.

People write for many different reasons. Sure, many of those who write dream of becoming famous novelists but for some of us, writing is a way of life, too. Do you have a story that needs told? Tell it. Do you have memories that you want to keep forever? Share them. There is no one way to be a writer and no one shared dream. Why do we write? You only need to be able to answer the reason for why YOU write. That’s what will keep you going.