Monday Morning Coffee: Writing Prompts

Are you a morning writer? Go ahead and get your coffee! Then try some of these writing prompts to get your creativity flowing!

    Your character finds a lost puppy. She’s never liked dogs before but soon falls in love with the little puppy. When her puppy goes missing, she’s frantic to find him.
    Rewrite one of your memories but change the past by seeing what would happen if you’d made a different decision. “What if I had gone to a different college? What if I had decided to make that move to a different city?”
    Search for an interesting scientific study. Can you make it into a story?
    Snowstorm! But this blizzard occurs in an unlikely place in the summer. What does this mean? What can your character do about it? Tell it from the perspective of a scientist. Or, tell the story from the perspective of someone who needs to survive this climate change.
    Your character has magic. That sounds great but magic is very quirky. Mishaps ensue.
    Go to the library and look through some newspaper archives pre-1990. An old news story can spark an idea for a novel or convince you to explore the history behind it.