7 Writing Prompts For The Weekend

Need some ideas this weekend for exercising your writing muscles? Try these prompts to get started!

  1. Your pet can suddenly talk to you after you’ve hit your head. In fact, you can also understand trees and flowers and basically every living being in nature. What do you do with this newfound ability? Or are you just losing your mind? How would you be able to tell the difference?
  2. What’s your most vivid memory? Recreate it and use all of your senses so that it can be relived on the page.
  3. Look up a specific year in history. Find a few historical details and craft a short story that places a character (or a version of yourself) during that time in the past.
  4. Go for a walk and then write about the experience. What did you notice on your walk that you missed before? What do you need to start paying attention to from now on?
  5. Use an overheard conversation to springboard a short story. Fill in the missing details of the conversation and its backstory.
  6. Find an old story that you scrapped and figure out how to make it better. Or take an element from that story and write a new one.
  7. Everyone in the world suddenly has a superpower. Not all of these powers are useful. What kinds of powers are there? How would it change society as a whole? How would it change your life?

Happy writing! 🙂

(photo via Pixabay.com)