How Many Words A Day Should You Write?

by Roxanna Coldiron

Writing a first novel or a memoir is not a “sit down once and done” activity. It can take years, decades even, to complete a manuscript. But when you are on a deadline (or have given yourself one), the question of how many words a day should you write comes to the forefront. There’s also the fact that the more often you write, the better you become as a writer.

Is there really a minimum number of words that we, as writers, should get down on the page every day?

Well, it depends. What works for one writer might not work for another. And what works for you wouldn’t do anything for a different writer. You may need to do a little soul searching and trial and error to find out how many words (or pages) a day you should write if you want to finish your novel in a set amount of time.


Make Daily Goals

You should definitely set daily goals for yourself. Let’s say that on Mondays, when your schedule isn’t as busy, you want to write at least 2 pages of your manuscript. But on Tuesdays when you have to take the kids to a bunch of activities, you plan to write at minimum a page.

You could set your minimum daily word count to 1,000 words then reward yourself if you go up to 3,000 words in a day.

And it’s not always about quantity either. Solid storytelling that moves your story along also deserves celebration.

The important thing is to make time to write and then WRITE!

By setting daily goals for yourself, you can hold yourself accountable for your writing. Don’t just dream about becoming a writer; plan and do it!


Your Writer Challenge

Okay, so now we come to the challenge part of this post. You can try a few of these and see which one works for you. Happy Writing, Friends!

Write down a schedule. Then follow it like it’s your job. If you have time to write from 6:00AM to 7:00AM every morning, stick to it. Make it become a habit and you’ll be surprised how much you will eventually end up writing!

Specify a daily word count. Maybe you can’t commit to an hourly schedule. Instead, set a daily word count that you can hit by the end of the day. That means you might write a little in the morning, write some more on the go, and finish your word count before you go to bed.