5 Apps For Writing On The Go

Finding time to write is difficult if you have a busy schedule. The good news is that there are plenty of smartphone apps that can help you to get in some writing time no matter where you are or what time it is.

Google Drive/Google Docs

This is one of our favorite apps. You can write your novel in Google Docs on your phone and continue writing and editing when you get back onto your computer. All you need is a Google account to get started and it will sync your data automatically.

Bear App

Get started on your novel with this no-nonsense app. You can use it for jotting down notes or ideas, but it can also be used to write longer stories or full-length novels on the go.

The free version provides unlimited notes that you can email to yourself as a text file, while the paid version offers various formats for download, including Microsoft Word.


You can try the app out for free for 14 days. What makes this writing app so great is that it has templates and guides to help you write anything from a novel to a screenplay.

On iOS, the files from the app also sync with your iPhone or iPad Files. For a serious on-the-go writer, the Storyist app might be just what you need and is worth paying for.


Ulysses is a premium smartphone app with a lot of features that could help you write your novel on the go. Set up your projects and start writing. The goal is distraction-free writing for this app because it encourages you to write without concern for formatting. Just get your words down. And sometimes that’s exactly the best way to work.


What can you do on the go? Writer helps you to categorize your content as Outline, Notes, Character or Chapter. You can type, record audio and upload photos, so the app is adaptable to your shorty writing techniques. Colorful tabs help you to stay organized. Then, whenever you’re ready, you can export your content by email or Dropbox.

What are your favorite writing apps?