Monday Morning Writing Prompts – July 20, 2020

Ready for some writing exercises and prompts? Get out your notebook or laptop and let some of these ideas inspire your next story!

Cruise Ship Story


You’re on this cruise ship. Choose one plot:

– The ship passes through a space-time rip while everyone is sleeping. When you wake up, there are passengers missing and new passengers from other eras.

– An epic storm happens and you have to save as many people as you can.

– A scream breaks the beautiful quietness of the early morning hours. A passenger has discovered a pile of bodies on deck. What happened?

Island Getaway Story


Now you’re on an island. (Sensing a theme here?) Choose one of these plots for a story:

– You have always lived on this island and love its ways. Things change when an airplane full of people crash lands on your island. What is your society like? How might these people create upheaval for you and your village?

– This island is not on Earth. Instead, it’s on another planet that has two moons. Some people live on the island but most live under the sea in elaborate underwater cities. But the underwater cities are in danger. Why? What can you do about it?

– This island is actually a photograph on the wall in your office. Your dad gave it to you and told you to hold onto it because it was important. One day your office is broken into but the photo is now on the ground because the robbers threw it down and broke the frame. That’s when you learn that there is more to the photograph than you ever realized!

Happy writing, friends!