Every Indie Bookshop Needs at Least One Cat

by Roxanna Coldiron

Snowball Bookshop in Barberton, OH 2020

I had stopped at a coffee shop one Saturday morning in a little town called Barberton that I only pass through once or twice a month. On a whim, I decided to walk along the rest of the street when I came across this indie bookstore. The beautiful cat in the window caught my attention.

My excitement grew even more when I went to the other window and saw another gorgeous cat! WHUT?! Cats in a bookstore! That’s my idea of magical. Unfortunately, the bookshop wasn’t open at the time so I told myself that I would come back the next week to check it out.

The next week…

A cat greeted me the first time I walked into the bookshop. She was happy to have a visitor! And I was happy to see her.

Rows and rows of bookshelves, filled from top to bottom, and tables with artful displays of used and nearly new books also welcomed me. So. Many. Books!

The owner of the bookshop, Ms. Snowball, gave the grand tour. Sections are organized by genre with subsections either by author or by sub-genre. All of the books are loved before but in fairly good condition. Some even look brand new.

There is also a “Super Secret Basement” with even more books – some of which could be collectibles or rare finds. I checked down there for a few minutes but already had a stack of four books from upstairs and couldn’t afford to get anymore.

Every indie bookshop needs at least one cat

(but two is even better).

One of the cats expected her morning brushing and was very insistent. The other one lounged around the bookshop and even showed me her fluffy belly.

The cats are sisters and have lived in the bookshop since they were kittens. They are now about six years old. One is named Maya and the other is Callie.

A brief history of cats and books

Cats and books go so well together. Historical records testify that monks used to keep cats around to keep their painstakingly handwritten scrolls safe from chewing mice and rats, and the cats were only too happy to oblige.

Now cats are magical creatures that we love to have around merely because they’re cute and lovable.

Visiting the Snowball Bookshop in Barberton was a fun experience and I intend to go back to buy more books and visit these two sweet little kitties!

Want to visit them yourself? Check them out on Facebook and Instagram! You can also see some of their book offerings online at Biblio.