Writing Prompts: Labor Day 2020

Add these writing prompts to your daily writing activities! Maybe they’ll inspire a full story, or just help you ramp your creativity into gear.

Prompts for Setting the Scene

credit: pixabay.com

1. On a planet with constant storms, people have to live much differently than we do now. What if every day was an intense storm? What would that look like? How would your characters live their daily lives?

2. It’s 1909. Describe a typical day for your character, based on research from the era.

3. Your character wakes up in a small room. There’s a hatch. Where is she? What happens as she travels through the rooms in an effort to get out? What if every room led to an upside down room or a room that basically defied known physics?

Prompts for Character Development

credit: pixabay.com

1. Your character starts as a child and witnesses an event. How does that even affect your character over time? What changes occur in your character by the time they’re faced with a similar event as an adult?

2. Your character defined themselves by their partner. Now the partner is gone and they’re not sure who they are anymore. This is their journey to grow as an individual.

3. Your character is faced with an impossible choice. What is that choice and how do they make that choice? Does it have the intended effect they thought it would? What do they learn from it?