The Perfect Day

Writing Prompt: Write about the perfect day. Your readers should be able to live your perfect day through your eyes.


Imagining my perfect day

Your perfect day will be different from mine. I would enjoy a day that starts early in the morning — preferably in the fall. Maybe I would watch a TV show and have my first cup of coffee.

Later in the morning, I would go to this cute little coffee shop for an iced latte and read a book.

Once the indie bookstore opened ( the one with resident cats!), I would go in there and look around, pet the cats, and buy 3-4 more books!

My next stop would be the comic bookstore/antique shop next door. Maybe I would buy a few comic books (like the Star Trek ones) and some Funko Pops.

Then I would go to the clothing shop next door. It has stylish pastel vintage decor with cute clothes, and I would get an outfit or two as well as scented candles.

Afterward I would go to the movie theatre to watch a movie and eat expensive popcorn and drink the best soda I’ve ever had.

My friends and I would meet for dinner at the Mexican restaurant. We would probably have margaritas.

I would come home to my cats, feed them, shower, and listen to music before bed.

How to write about your perfect day

1. Imagine what your perfect day would have in it and write that down in a straightforward way like I did above.

2. Now fill in those details to set the scene and live that experience in your writing. What does the day feel like, smell like? What does your food taste like? Make those details come alive.

3. As a story, you don’t need to go through the entire day. Sometimes a snapshot of it provides enough story or reveals enough about a character. Can you see story potential in your perfect day? Build on it!