Mid-Week Writing Prompts

Ready to work your writing muscles? Try some of these prompts to spark your creativity or just get some practice with storytelling!

credit: pexels.com

Setting-Based Prompts

Setting 1: A spaceship that can almost travel as fast as the speed of light and has a few problems along the journey

Setting 2: The Titanic but in an alternate timeline

Setting 3: A city that is run by an artificial intelligence and watches its residents every move

Setting 4: Your high school but 10 years before you attended

Character-Based Prompts

Character 1: A kid who discovers an artifact in their backyard

Character 2: An adult who follows routines to the letter and hates to deviate from them – mainly because it seems as if bad things always happen when they do

Character 3: An animal that examines the world of humans with confusion and awe

Character 4: Yourself at any point in your life, or in a completely different time period

Happy Writing, Friends!