Spooky Writing Prompts

Halloween is such a fun time of the year. The season is changing in a burst of fiery colors, and the temperatures are getting cooler. Spooky decorations adorn houses in the neighborhood. Then, of course, there’s the costumes and the candy!

I like really scary movies of the paranormal variety but also enjoy more toned-down spookiness like Hocus Pocus or The Haunted Mansion.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a few spooky and fun Halloween writing prompts for you fellow writers! Enjoy!

Ghostly Prompts

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1. You are a ghost in an old Victorian-style home, and the living people who’ve moved in are haunting YOU!

2. In an effort to prove that ghosts are not real, your character stays the night in a haunted house. Nothing happens. But when your character returns home, things are definitely a bit stranger.

3. How do ghosts pass the time? Are there rules for haunting? Do ghosts have a secret society?

4. A ghost from the 1800s has figured out how to return to the living. What is the method? Will it work? What happens if it doesn’t?

Spooky Prompts

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1. Write about that feeling that someone is always behind you, always watching.

2. What if you could suddenly predict the future? What if those predictions got increasingly darker and scarier?

3. The best bakery in town has magical cakes — literally. The baker infuses each cake with magick and good things happen. Until one day when the magick disappears….

4. One morning you wake up and suddenly understand your cat. Well, you understand all cats now. But it only lasts until Halloween.

Happy writing, friends!