Writing Prompts for New Year’s Day 2021

We made it through 2020! This has been one tough year and we are glad to say good-bye to it. With a fresh start in mind, we wanted to share a few writing prompts that could help you to navigate this new year on your writing journey!

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Generating Ideas

1. Every day, write down 1-2 ideas for a story or novel. You likely won’t use most of them but they can be used to spark more ideas, or combined to form the perfect idea!

2. Keep a journal of observations. Small observations can have a big impact in a story.

3. Imagine your own life in different ways. Find pivotal moments and make a different decision. How would your life have paned out if you’d taken that direction?

Free Writing Exercises

Free writing exercises don’t work for everyone but sometimes you really just need to write. Write without a specific ending in mind. The important thing is to get the words out and let them lead you!

1. There is a door in the middle of the forest. Walk through it.

2. It’s the year 3030. What pivotal events are happening this year? How did we lead up to them?

3. Talk to your past self. What have you learned?

4. Search for strange and fantastical images online, fantasy landscapes. Then use the image to springboard your writing.

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Wishing everyone a happy new year! 🎆