Writing Prompts – May 10

Use these prompts for writing exercises or to springboard your own ideas.

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1. Setting: This is a world with purple waterfalls and pink and purple skies. What is it like to live on this world?

2. The government has decided to send regular people (non-astronauts that is) into space for a secret mission. Passengers are chosen by lottery and you are picked. What is the mission? Why send random people?

3. Your company perpetuates a big lie that has far-reaching consequences. What is this lie? What are you going to do when you find out the truth? Plot twist: You’re the villain.

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4. This would be the train ride you’d never forget. Make it an action story or a horror story but it needs the unexpected.

5. You’ve written notes to yourself to warn yourself of a coming danger. What is this danger and how are you leaving these notes?