Writing Prompts – May 18

Happy Tuesday! We’ve come up with a few writing prompts to get in some extra writing practice or spark a story idea. Let’s get writing!

Faraway Places

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1. You went to bed on Earth but woke up….somewhere else. Unfortunately you’re not on Earth any longer. How’d you get here? And why?

2. Write the same scene in two to three different locations. How does location or setting affect the story? What details become important?

3. You live in a waterfall. It’s always been this way but now the waterfall is threatened.

4. Road trip! Take yourself or a group of characters on a road trip that reveals who they are or shapes them in some way.

Food for Thought

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1. Tell a story that places food front and center.

2. Research a dish and write a nonfiction article about its origins and its variations.

3. What is your favorite meal and your memories around it?

4. Try a new food and describe it so that a reader could practically taste it.