Writing Prompts – May 10

Use these prompts for writing exercises or to springboard your own ideas. via WordPress Free Photo Library 1. Setting: This is a world with purple waterfalls and pink and purple skies. What is it like to live on this world? 2. The government has decided to send regular people (non-astronauts that is) into space for … Continue reading Writing Prompts – May 10

Sunday Morning Writing

The world is quiet, except for the bird song. Nothing else demands my time or my thoughts. It's the perfect time to write. (via WordPress Free Photo Library) “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” Aristotle (via Pixabay - Engin_Akyurt) I like pen to paper … Continue reading Sunday Morning Writing

Mini Book Review: ‘Next Year in Havana’ by Chanel Cleeton

Review by Roxanna Coldiron Summary This is the story of two women, separated by time, connected by family and country, who experienced their Cuban heritage in different ways and found love along the way. Marisol goes to the country of her grandmother Elisa's birth to spread her ashes and learns more about her grandmother as … Continue reading Mini Book Review: ‘Next Year in Havana’ by Chanel Cleeton

Bring on 2021!

Everyone I know is happy to say good-bye to 2020! While we don't expect all of our problems to be solved in the new year, we are still hopeful. Writing Goals for 2021 Our writing goals for 2021 include more posts for this blog, a course or two, and yes - working on the draft … Continue reading Bring on 2021!